Your Wedding Day Detox and Transformation Program


Wedding Day Diet Detox

Your wedding day is coming and you are worried that you will not fit into your stunning Dress.

The wedding dress that took you weeks or even months to find and it all comes down to this one defining moment. You want to look and feel absolutely amazing. Being confident and knowing you look your very best go hand in hand in enjoying one of the most happiest days of your of your life. Imagine looking back at your wedding day photos and reflecting on how great you looked. No regrets.

HCG Diet Detox for Bride and Groom

If you are worried on how you are going to lose those extra kilos and trim down stubborn inches so you can fit into your dream dress or suit, then DETOX26 HCG diet drops will be your best fat burning tool to trim down and looking and feeling your best for your big day. By simply committing to and following the DETOX26 program you not only have the tools to achieve your desired weight loss, you also have the ongoing support for the entire length of the program from theDETOX26 support crew.

Knowing that you have the ongoing support will take away the anxiety and stress that you just don’t need leading up to the biggest day of your life. The Wedding Day Detox Diet program is just not for Brides. It’s a great program for Bridesmaids and the all important Groom. After all, everyone wants to look and feel their very best on the big day.

Fat Burning Diet Drops

What is so great about DETOX26 program is the amazing fat burning IGNITE HCG drops. HCG diet drops have been used successfully around the world for years with staggering results. People like you have lost from average 7 kilos up to an amazing 54 kilos using our programs and products. The results speak for themselves.The best thing about DETOX26 HCG weight loss drops and their powerful fat burning results is they are formulated using 100% all natural homeopathic ingredients developed and manufactured by one of Australia’s leading manufacturers in homeopathic products. At DETOX26, we are proud and stand by our product 100%. Knowing that in conjunction with the DETOX26 Wedding Detox Diet program your transformation into looking and becoming your best for your wedding day is assured.

Shop online today with free same day despatch Australia wide. 26 Day Detox programs start from $99. Add in additional products at the checkout so you can share the journey with your partner.

Our experienced team are available to answer any questions you may have with achieving your desired weight in time for your big day.

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