GET 10% DISCOUNT CODE (based on referral order value)

Simply refer a friend to our program and you will automatically receive a special 10% discount code based on the total order value of your friend’s new DETOX26 order (excluding postage).

Here’s how it works:

Your friend is referred to us by you and they purchase a COMPLETE PROGRAM over $99 (the more they spend, the higher your reward value will be).

They put your name in the comments of their order.

You will then be issued a special coupon code of 10% of their total order value.

To ensure that you receive your reward, please complete the form below so we can validate the purchase.


  • Only valid for new customer referrals from 8/7/2019.
  • Referred friends must purchase a complete new program with order value over $99 (excl postage costs).
  • Discount voucher will be issued to existing customer email on file.
  • Form must be submitted to ensure validation of referral.
  • Discount voucher will have a 30 day expiry date.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw or change this offer without notice.


Refer a friend to who purchases a program over $99 and we will send you a 10% of their order value.