IGNITE HCG Body Patch (12) Reorder Pack


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12 PATCHES (26 Day Program)

Using the same signature frequency as our IGNITE drops, our new skin patches are even more powerful featuring fat burning ingredient of Turmeric and Vitamin B12 .. you will get even better results.



Program is not included with this extender pack.

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DETOX26 HCG Ignite Body Patches are 100% natural homeopathic hCG remedy in transdermal patch form. Our HCG Transdermal Patches are free from alcohol.  They are stronger formula than our drops which are quickly absorbed into the body faster – so no need for 2 loading days.

Program is not included in this pack

  • 1 x Pack of 12 DETOX26 Ignite Body Patches

Not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers.

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Each pack consists of 12 patches which is enough for 24-36 days (recommended replacement is 3 days).

  • Patch also includes Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C
  • Manufactured in Australia in a sterile homeopathic laboratory
  • Guaranteed full strength quality Homeopathic hCG
  • 100% money back guarantee

HCG PATCHES: Demand the best quality for a product you are going to take into your cells.

Our homeopath supplier only uses natural, organic ingredients. Our DETOX26 hcg-plus mother tincture formula is made the traditional way and the patch material is latex free, hypoallergenic and is a medical grade adhesive.

All patches come in sealed, sterile envelopes with information card and listed ingredients.


HCG – Triggers the body to provide a constant flow of food received from the abnormal fat that your body is breaking down and using when on the HCG eating plan.
Vitamin B12 – benefits your mood, energy level, memory, heart, skin, hair, digestion. An essential vitamin for adrenal fatigue and multiple metabolic functions.
Vitamin C – an essential vitamin, fat metabolism, balances blood sugar, makes collagen and heals all parts of body/organs/blood.
Folic Acid – increases the metabolic rate and is used for energy, burns more fat and increases weight loss.
L-arginine – aids in weight loss by burning excess fat and improving muscle mass.
L-Camitine – reduces fatigue, burns fat and is an appetite suppressant.
Calcarea Carbonica – targets flabby fat as on thighs and buttock areas.
Focus ves Amino Acid complex – a fat burner.
Spongia tosta – for underactive thyroid.
Homeopathic hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid – balance for metabolism, fatigue and muscle weakness.
L-omithine – releases fatigue in the cells and cell memory.
Colloidal minerals from humic shale – 72 organic minerals and plant nutrients – balances blood sugar, boosts metabolism, breaks down body fat, builds muscle and helps with vitality.
Acetyl L-Carnitine – fat burner, stimulates energy, motivation and alertness.
Ginger & Turmeric – Balances high cholesterol, releases toxins, purifies the blood of toxic build up.
L-theanine – reduces stress, curbs emotional over eating, breaks down fat and stimulates life force/chi.