IGNITE Drops 50ml


Homeopathic hCG formula

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  • 50ml Ignite Fat Burning Drops
  • Digital protocol download
  • High quality all natural ingredients
  • Helps reduce belly bloat
  • Burns stubborn fat stores for energy
  • Proven results
  • Fast acting appetite suppressant
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Natural weight loss success:

  • Easy to follow meal plan
  • Proven program
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Hormone free
  • Powerful appetite suppressant
  • Burn stubborn fat

Average weight loss – up to 7kg on the 26 day program.

All our products are made in Australia in a HACCP certified facility.

*Individual results may vary


All DETOX26 products should be only be used as part of the DETOX26 – 26 Day Fat Burning & Detox Program.

Our product is manufactured in a sterile laboratory in Australia. It does not contain hormones from human or animal sources. We do not import any part of our product or ingredient from Asia. Our product is a genuine herbal remedy made the traditional way.

There is no shelf life or expiry date for our remedies if stored correctly – as in away from sunlight, heat, computers and microwaves. Do not store close to anything with a strong odour e.g. tiger balm, garlic etc. Do not store in the fridge. When you take homeopathic remedies there needs to be no strong odour in the mouth e.g. garlic, toothpaste, coffee etc.

Whenever considering a weight loss program, consult with your healthcare provider.

The information provided here is not intended to replace consultation or advice received by qualified health professionals regarding your specific situation nor is it to be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. All information offered on this site are merely opinions regarding the diet proposed by Dr. Simeons MD. Losing 1 to 2 pounds per day or one size in one month is a result that many on the HCG diet have achieved, but is not a personal guarantee.

Not suitable for pregnant women or nursing mothers. If you have any medical questions about the program you should consult your licensed medical provider before starting this or any weight loss program.

Any information on website is a guide and is intended only to assist users in their personal weight loss efforts. This is not written by a medical organisation and offers no medical advice or diagnosis. The information generated should not be interpreted as a substitute for physician consultation, evaluation, or treatment.

Additional Information

Our products are hormone free and contain a 100% natural unique proprietary blend of colloidal minerals, as well as homeopathic preparations of Calcarea Carbonica, Amino Acid Compex, L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, L-Ornithine, L-Theanine, Raspberry Ketones, Vitamins B12 and C, plus purified water and a small amount of organic grain alcohol.

Ingredients are not listed in any order of quantity or dilution.

All our products are made in Australia in a HACCP certified facility.


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