Hormone Free Drops don’t contain HCG

There are many places around who appear to sell HCG Homeopathic drops or products which in fact don’t contain the essential HCG ingredient.  Hormone free HCG is not Homeopathic HCG – simple!  Hormone free has no HCG in it nor has it ever had it in it.  Hormone free is basically water filled with amino acids (vitamins and minerals). The drops are dangerous to take whilst on a low 500 calorie plan as it will not release stored fat into your blood stream and it will not work at resetting your hypothalamus.  These drops are fake!

Homeopathic HCG like our IGNITE range has real HCG in its molecular broken down form.  The process is done by vibrating the molecules and diluting them down into stages so just the pure “energy” of the molecule is left which fuses with the molecules in the carrier.  Homeopathic HCG is real HCG in it’s purest form.

Why homeopathic remedies work as they do compared with prescription HCG is still not clear to science. We can guarantee you that they do work the same, if not better than than the HCG which is prescribed by doctors all without having to inject one needle.

Hormone Free Drops will make you hungry

The hormone free drops simply will not work to burn just abnormal fat. You will burn structural fat and muscle as well. HCG doesn’t burn the fat it locates the fat cells and opens them so your body can use your own fat as fuel. Its found in high amounts in pregnant women and is what opens the cells so you can feed the baby.

If you prefer to have the real HCG Homeopathic drops or patches like our IGNITE range at DETOX26, you must learn to read the labels. HCG should be the first active ingredient. It should be broken down with a set of numbers following it like 6X 12X 20X 30X. This is part of the molecular vibration process. If it doesn’t contain that then the drops are simply hormone free (fake hcg) and you will be starving yourself if you use these in conjunction with a 500 calorie plan.  Worst still is that you will not have the right support drops to help you RESET your hypothalamus in Phase 3 which is crucial to you in keeping at your last dosage weight and stopping you from regaining all the weight you lost.

Be assured of quality when you are putting something into your body. Our IGNITE hCG products are developed by a sterile clinic in Australia where they have been developing hCG products for over 20 years.