The first week or two on any diet is always the hardest. It also takes a day or two for the hcg to kick in and that’s logical isn’t it. BUT if you are starving and waiting on the above to balance out then just follow this simple suggestion.

Peel and boil one large potato, save some of the (nutrient dense) water you cooked it in, and mash with that, add little rice milk and salt and pepper – and enjoy. Note rice milk has no fat and looks creamy and tastes like cows milk. Cows milk is very high in fat even if skim.

Yes I know on the diet instructions it says no spuds – but starch does fill you up, is nutrient dense and does most definitely NOT make you fat.  You can add one potato everyday to your diet if you want to.

OR have a cup of plain rice, you can add soy sauce or similar (no oil) to taste if you like.

For those who find the program not working for them, it is that they are addicted to fat, sugar and salt.

Sugar and salt are the most addictive substances on the planet, its not easy to stop absorbing them. Also your cells are full of them and as they are addicted they want MORE.

ALL DIETS take effort and HCG is not a magic wand to use a patch and eat and drink what you like and the fat will just fall off you.

It takes up to a week for the HCG to kick in whether you use Patches or Drops, and once it kicks in you still feel hungry around meal times but can’t eat very much at all. Some times you have to make sure you DO eat because you have no appetite.

As the cells are full of toxic fat you may experience detox symptoms as the fat dumps in the blood stream on its way OUT of your body – maybe slight rash or itchiness, headaches, tiredness etc. 

All detox symptoms are TEMPORARY, so drink plenty of water to flush out and move on.

Also the HABIT of eating is so strong, it’s a life time habit after all. So your mind set is very important when dieting – look towards your goal and celebrate that you will get there.

Don’t bleat and moan about ‘but I want to eat French fries or whatever’, know that addictions take time to get rid of but the ingredients in the HCG will definitely help you there.

Because of all of the above some people have a false start – in that they mess up the first week totally then think they have failed and want to give up. This is not true, lots of people stumble the first week because they are very hard on themselves. So just start again, no problem there at all.

Once you have lost some weight your addictions and detox symptoms will go as well, its wonderful and amazing, celebrate that you have this fantastic opportunity to achieve your goal of a slender, healthy body.

HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT – or will you find an excuse (to blame the HCG or anything else) to eat what you like and get fatter and sicker.

We really want to see you succeed on the program and know that it will work for you, it just may take a little longer for your body to get started so please message our Support Crew at anytime and we will be happy to adjust your program for you.