The RESET phase (Phase 3 of the HCG Protocol) is one of the most important phases of the diet. The goal here is to maintain your weight loss. You do not want to lose or gain during this 21 day period following your last dosage weight (LDW).

The original protocol of Pounds and Inches says you are resetting your hypothalamus to your new weight so your body will remember it and will keep you from gaining back weight in the future.


You do not want your weight do go above or below 1kg of your LDW. During this cycle you are to have 1500 calories including fats with no starches or sugars. If you need more calories to maintain (if you are still losing on 1500 increase your calories to avoid any weight fluctuations, men especially sometimes need to do this to keep their LDW). After you have reached stabilisation you will want to slowly start adding in items one at a time to see how your body responds. You will monitor this by weighing daily and seeing if a new food has caused you to gain. Once you have stabilised for 21 days you can return to p2 and do another round or you can move on to P4, which is the phase once you have reached your goal weight and are ready for lifetime maintenance. If you experience a gain during your stabilisation period, you must immediately do a Correction Day (Steak Day).

The biggest reason people gain in P3 is because they fail to track their calories and food plan and by cheating. It is easier to cheat in P3 when you are not limited in food choices or as disciplined like you are in P2. Don’t give into temptation and let all your hard work and commitment in P2 be for nothing and focus on stabilising your weight correctly so you won’t regain the weight again.

(LDW = Last dosage weight … weight recorded on final day of taking hcg drops or wearing your IGNITE body patches)

More on how to RESET your metabolism is included in our PROTOCOL BLUEPRINT which is included with every program. Our support crew are available to help you via the Facebook Support Group to ensure that you stabilise successfully.