DETOX26 works by simply following HCG protocol guidelines, so your body burns stored abnormal fat, while it supports your metabolism. It’s a simple to follow program that delivers amazing results fast.

DETOX26 weight loss program is for everyone. You could lose up to 1 kilogram per day and what is even more amazing you can lose this weight without exercising.

Your DETOX26 homeopathic drops are placed under the tongue to be rapidly absorbed into your body. In conjunction with our detox food map, your body will pull on the stored fat to use as energy to make up the additional calories throughout the day.

The drops will help to assist to trigger the body to provide a constant flow of food received from the fat stores that your body is breaking down and using when on the HCG diet. That means burning 3500 to 4000 calories of stored body fat and losing 200gm -1 kilo a day. Your weight loss is guaranteed if you follow the protocol to the letter. You will notice your body fat % decreasing daily – all over.

Another amazing benefit of the DETOX26 protocol is that you will see fat loss all over, plus your body will reshape itself giving you a leaner version as the fat is literally melting away – forever.

It’s vitally important that you finish the program properly by doing phase 3 for 21 days following phase 2 otherwise you will not stabilise your weight, and it may return.


You can lose weight simply by eating fewer calories and fat, but because the body stores fat during times of deprivation, you will most likely lose muscle  before stored fat. This causes cellular metabolism to slow down, so in the long run, it would make gaining weight easier.

By using our HCG drops with a low calorie diet, extra fat is mobilised for energy and the rest is eliminated; the low calorie diet is vital in preventing immediate refilling of emptied fat cells.

You will receive a comprehensive program booklet with your first program. All the approved foods are clearly marked to keep you on track. At no time should you adjust the food guide by adding more protein or vegetables. This combination has been tried and tested and proven to be highly successful.

One booklet – 2 incredible programs including both our signature DETOX26 original protocol and our new keto assisted Accelerator Program – KETOX.


We have created Australia’s first 26 Day HCG Keto-friendly program.  The KETOX™ Accelerator Program is for people who already follow and enjoy the health benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle and for those who are just discovering it and want an added boost of our powerful HCG products. 

Our simple to follow keto program starts with your first 3 days being the FAT FASTING accelerator days followed by 26 days detoxing while you follow our keto guidelines (lots of healthy foods and oils, vegetables & protein). With the inclusion of healthy fats and oils, you will kick start your body into ketosis quicker as it will be depleting your body of excess sugar and carbs releasing ketones to start burning fat consistently throughout the program. 

Follow our KETOX™ 26 Day Accelerator Program and turn your body into an efficient fat burning machine all while diminishing your cravings for unhealthy carbohydrates and refined sugars, along with improvements in mood, alertness, restful sleep and brain function.


Getting started is easy. Simply choose which program suits your weight loss goals. Choose from drops or patches or even a combo of both to ensure you have consistent HCG in your body 24/7. All products are quality homeopathic HCG and made in Australia.