Having a glass of warm or room temperature glass of lemon water in the morning is good for detoxing your liver.  Your liver makes more enzymes from fresh lemon juice than any other food.
If you have the water too hot, you will destroy the vitamin C in the lemon juice.  Best way is to use all the juice from 1 lemon. If you use less, store the remaining juice in a air tight container. Do not leave the lemon uncut as after a short period of time, the vitamin C in the lemon will be destroyed without any change in temperature. Use the other half throughout the day in your water.
Of all the water soluble, Vitamin C is the most easily destroyed vitamin which especially when it comes into contact with oxygen, alkalis and high temperatures.  Exposure to oxygen cause the destruction of vitamin C so you need to be careful not to keep it around for too long.

Cali-Kicker for HCG Weight Loss Stalls

For extra cleansing and to suppress appetite add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and/or a dash of cayenne pepper your drink.  If you need a sweetener you may want to add stevia. You can also add honey, although it is not recommended for P2 or for every day consumption if you are on P3/P4.

Are you hungry or thirsty?

People sometimes confuse thirst with hunger so the next time you think you are hungry, try drinking a big glass of water and some lemon. Dr. Simeon’s states you can have 1 lemon a day while on the HCG weight loss protocol. A lemon can improve digestion and increase your metabolism.

As we have said before, when life throws you lemons, make infused lemon water.