Having unhealthy and unbalanced diet has caused many people to become overweight, unhappy and sick.

When it comes to effective and long term weight loss success, many people turn to the renowned HCG protocol. This program has been around for over 60 years and has a proven success rate which is why it was first introduced by Doctors presciption only.

HCG weight loss diet is the right choice if you are considering efficient, safe, convenient and fast results. It is a plan that comprises not only the use of HCG hormones but also a synchronized use of a low calorie diet during the complete weight loss management phase.

HCG Injections – Prescription only

The most authentic method of giving HCG is through the use of injections which can be very effective. You only require one shot of the hormone per day for 45 days and that is as much as necessary to cause weight loss. However, not everyone is in favour of giving themselves a jab every day for 45 days.  I know I’m not which is why I decided to go to the drops as my choice of HCG.

To be eligible for the injections,you must meet certain BMI criteria before the doctor will prescribe the injections. The cost of a 45 day round of injections can be $300-$400 plus your doctors consultation fee of around $95. None of this is bulk billed in Australia.

The procedure itself I understand is painful and from time to time becomes very traumatic to the skin. It has been documented that it can cause irritations and inflammation on the injection site and sometimes have become a reason for blood clots.

The HCG Sublingual Drops

The sublingual drops are as effective as the HCG injections only that the drops are handier to take and provide less pain. The number of doses however is amplified into three times per day, 10 minutes before meals or after if you have forgotten. The sublingual drops are simple, trouble free and safe to ingest because you take it orally – under your tongue so it is absorbed into the blood stream immediately.

The low calorie diet should still be practiced while taking the drops. It does not alter because it is part of the protocol to observe a low calorie diet which is free from fats, carbs and sugar during Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the protocol.

The HCG injections and drops are equal in their weight loss success. The key is to ensure that you have the HCG hormone in your bloodstream so you burn abnormal fat in conjunction with following the restricted food plan. With the HCG in your body, your body will burn up to 4000 calories -500 from the calories you consume and the remainder from your stored fat.  The hormone must be present in the drops such as our DETOX26 Ignite drops. Made of 100% natural organic homeopathic formula which is derived from the HCG hormone.  

The end result is the same as it doesn’t matter which HCG process you prefer as they both work just as effectively as each other.

Be careful as some products on the market are advertised as HCG but contain only vitamins and amino acids so you are basically on a starvation diet and you will not be able to sustain the weight loss or maintain it. We guarantee our products containing the HCG hormone for optimum results and weight loss success.