Vegetarian Options on HCG Protocol

Being a vegan or vegetarian on the HCG Diet program can be a little difficult to figure out first. As you will have strictly limited choices when it comes to your protein servings. There are some choices which will deliver better results than others and it will depend on how your body responds … once you see which foods you can enjoy more of and what routine works for you, the results will start showing.

Vegetarian HCG protein options


Eggs are enjoyed by everyone on the program. Although we recommend only having this protein twice a week as it has been known to stall.  One serving is 1 whole egg and 3 whites.

Cottage Cheese:

Fat free cheese such as Weight Watchers is recommended. A serving of cottage cheese is 100gms and again it should be used sparingly as it can cause stalls. We recommend when you first try it as a protein meal, monitor your weight the following day … if it causes a gain, you’ll know that you may want to limit this all together in Phase 2 of the detox and fat burning phase.

Non- crumbed Veggie or Black Bean Burgers:

There are many choices available at your local health food store or supermarket and most of the feedback from previous members is very positive. They don’t seem to cause too much of a negative impact on the scales … please ensure that they are non-crumbed varieties.

Protein Shakes:

As a general rule, we don’t allow protein shakes, but given the limited options vegetarians have, we do make the occasional exception.  Be sure though that each serving contains 8-10 grams of protein and are low sugar/carbs.


One serving of Tofu is 100gm. However like Cottage Cheese we recommend you have it moderately during Phase 2 as it also can casuse stalls for some people.


Made from fermented soybeans. When used in cooking one cup has 30gm of protein! Remember the calories too when adding to your meal plan.

Miso soup:

A traditional Japanese soup which is low in calories. It’s one of the many vegetarian options on the HCG diet because you can have a lot of it which helps you meet your protein intake.

Soy Products on HCG

We have noticed that eating soy products on the DETOX26 program can slow down your success on the scales. Please eat in moderation as Soy produces oestrogen which can affect the way your body burns fat. Consume no more than twice a week to avoid stalls on the scales but remember every body is different and results can vary from each detoxer.

Conclusion on Vegetarian options

Weight loss on the DETOX26 HCG Protocol is faster than diet and exercise alone, however because vegetarians or vegans add in veggie burgers, cottage cheese and tofu, they may not see the same results as others who are following the DETOX26 approved food lists.