As a qualified fitness Professional for the past 10 years, I get asked on a regular basis is walking enough for them to lose weight. In short, the answer is yes, however like any form of activity, it has to be done with the right nutrition plan.

Exercise should always be the 20% in the 80/20 rule (80% nutrition/20% exercise). People from all walks of life (pardon the pun) have told me they walk every day for up to an hour but still not able to lose weight.  When I delve a little deeper and find out their daily food intake and types of food they consume, it’s any wonder they aren’t losing weight.  The food types are generally high in calories, refined sugar, bad starches, soft drinks (even diet ones are bad as they are full of artificial chemicals and bad for your body). When added up, their daily calorie intake is almost 4 times what their bodies actually need on a daily basis to live a healthy life. Food should be only what you need to fuel and nourish your body, no more, no less. Not to mention these types are basically poor food choices to say the least.

At DETOX26, we are not here to just sell you product that will burn fat, we are here to completely support you on your fat loss journey and give you advice to achieve this.

So in short, yes any form of exercise is great for your well being and as part of our program we recommend 30 minutes of walking daily. If you want to put some spurts of high intensity interval sprints (running), that’s fine too – just do what you feel comfortable with.

But exercise alone won’t work. As they say, “you can’t outrun a bad diet” and not a truer statement has been said.

The DETOX26 Phase 2 and Phase 3 shows you the right low calorie, low carb and low GI food choices you should be making to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through Phase 4 (lifestyle phase).

If you have not done any exercise prior to beginning your DETOX26 program, then please just start walking as this will help with your metabolism to burn that fat. Any exercise regime that you have always done can be continued through our detox weight loss program. If you are training at a very high intensity or doing HIIT, then of course your calories will need to be increased especially your protein portions.

To accommodate people who are currently active or live an active lifestyle, our plans exclusively offer 500,800 and 1200 calorie plans. Used in conjunction with our combo packs of drops and patches plus your daily exercise regime, you will actively and effectively achieve amazing fat loss results.

Exclusive 500, 800 and 1200 HCG plans

The original 500 plans are for those who are in fact quite sedentary and don’t exercise at all. 800 calories are for people who do some activity whether it’s a big walk or light weights or perhaps active through the day with their job.  The 1200 calories (like majority of weight loss plans) are for those who train on a regular basis but still have that stubborn fat that won’t shift no matter how hard they train. The drops are designed to move that fat but still retain muscle.

To be successful during and after the program, you need to be committed to making lifestyle changes. That means cutting back on the alcohol, eliminate processed foods and if you need, have them just occasionally (never would be better still), cut back on carb intake. Adapt a new lifestyle by going keto even – beautiful fresh organic vegetables, free range protein full of goodness to nourish your body. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Why You Should Exercise

You should always keep active. The benefits of exercising daily is that it will boost your happiness levels, naturally decrease heart disease, sleep better, boost energy levels, increase self confidence, improve memory, gain strength and flexibility.

We have worked on developing the best HCG Detox and Weight Loss program in Australia to give you even better and achievable results. Our team are here to support you as sometimes it can be difficult making new changes to your lifestyle, but remember, you only have one life so let’s do this together.

Please always check with your GP before embarking on any new weight loss or exercise program.

Your DETOX 26 Fitness Professional


Paul Whalland is a fully qualified Fitness Professional and registered with Fitness Australia. Starting his career in 2007 where he gained his qualifications at the AIF. Successfully running several Personal Training and Bootcamp businesses, Paul’s drive for helping others achieve weight loss success he co-created DETOX26 and is now helping and supporting people who are following the exclusive DETOX26 protocol.