The DETOX26 HCG program is our signature program that is Australia’s most sought after HCG program around.

Simple guidelines and our powerful HCG Ignite products will see you losing up to 5kg in your first week and up to 7-10kg in just 26 days.

Easy to follow 3 phase program begin with 2 days healthy fat loading, followed by 24 days in our fat burning phase.  Once you achieve your happy weight, you then lock it in for a further 21 days in our Reset Phase (it’s all explained in your booklet). 

Loss are seen both on the scale and the tape measure which is very motivating. You will start getting compliments on how glowing your skin looks and how much energy you will have with thanks to your clean eating plan and to our  ingredients in the products and everyone will want to know your secret.

Complete Program

Choose from patches or drops and a complete DETOX26 program will be included. From P1 through to P3 you will be following our clean eating guidelines for the entire program.

Quality Products

Our products are ethically sourced from within Australia. We use only organic ingredients in both our drops and patches ensuring the highest quality in all our products.

Fast & Proven Results

We have helped over 10,000 people worldwide achieve amazing results with our products and programs and now it’s your turn. What will you achieve in 26 days?

Simple Program

The original DETOX26 program was launch in 2017 with over 10,000 people having done our program worldwide. Our team have updated certain parts of the program ensuring that it is user friendly especially for busy and active people as well as following the principals of the very first program written several decades ago.

No oils or fats are allowed on this program. You will simply be eating protein, vegetables and fruit.  In addition to this, we also recommend you adapt intermittent fasting to help with your weight loss.  IF has been a popular method for losing weight, boosting energy levels and improving cognitive function.

If you are familiar with the HCG protocol and like the simplicity of it, plus you would love more variety with your vegetables and fruit, then our DETOX26 program is for you.

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