HCG Detox Program

Phase 2 HCG Explained

The detox phase on our DETOX26 Express program lasts just 21 days. However only 4 days is the actual detox process.  It’s when you are eating clean, wholefoods to nourish your body all while you are detoxing from sugars, carbs and other toxins.  The detox phase is assisted by drinking up to 2 litres of infused lemon water to flush the toxins out.  By around day 6 you will wake up feeling amazing with a new abundance of energy. You will quickly see how much better you sleep, clearer skin and brighter eyes … shinier hair plus the pounds and inches will start falling off you!

Even though you are going through the Phase 2 Detox Phase of the HCG program, you will also be in full fat burning phase where you are burning optimal body fat from the areas that you have not have any luck with before. The way it works is that the homeopathic HCG formula triggers the fat release from your hypothalamus in your brain – the control gland that also controls metabolism, hunger, body temperature and more.  This will only work if your products include the HCG. Many other programs available have a “non-hormonal” variation to this so in theory it will make you lose weight, but it won’t’ be sustainable to keep the weight off. It’s very important to continue taking the HCG IGNITE Drops by DETOX26 for at least 21 days, as the hypothalamus needs 3 weeks to fully reset itself.  If you have reached your goal of around 5kg you can finish this but you will need to continue eating P2 foods for the remaining time, just more of them to around 1200 calories or more all while continuing wearing our HCG Patches or taking the HCG Drops.

The fat burning experience that you will see while using our HCG homeopathic fat burning drops is nothing short of amazing. Most of our members lose up to 3kg in the first 7 days … some more. This is an average and no other program around can deliver this staggering loss.

Express Detox & Fat Burning Program

The whole DETOX26 Express program is a complete detox and fat burning program. As mentioned, you will detox the first few days of the program and will experience lethargy, hunger, nausea, dizziness and cravings! After years of eating bad fats, salt and sugar, your body will continue craving these and it’s very important not to give in to temptation.  It’s just a few days and with our Support Crew helping you, we ensure that you remain focussed on the larger picture. Day by day, step by step … the program is successful and many thousands before you have experienced this life changing program and kept it off.

Please remember this program isn’t a quick fix  …. our program is designed to help people follow a new healthier lifestyle once they have achieved their goals.