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We have created Australia’s first 26 Day HCG Keto-friendly program.  The KETOX™ Accelerator Program is for people who already follow and enjoy the health benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle and for those who are just discovering it and want an added boost of our powerful HCG products. 

Teamed together with our powerful HCG Fat Burning IGNITE products, we have cranked up the power of keto to accelerate your bodies engagement of burning fat and living healthier. This will be a complete lifestyle change.

Our simple to follow keto program starts with your first 3 days being the FAT FASTING accelerator days followed by 26 days detoxing while you follow our keto guidelines (lots of healthy foods and oils, vegetables & protein). Eat fat, burn fat! How incredible and appealing to many. With the inclusion of healthy fats and oils, you will kick start your body into ketosis quicker as it will be depleting your body of excess sugar and carbs releasing ketones to start burning fat consistently throughout the program. 

Follow our KETOX™ 26 Day Accelerator Program and turn your body into an efficient fat burning machine all while diminishing your cravings for unhealthy carbohydrates and refined sugars, along with improvements in mood, alertness, restful sleep and brain function.

Keto & HCG

How can it work?

The sudden healthy fat overload during our 3-DAY KETOX FAT FAST will cause your body to spring into ketosis fat burning mode, essentially kick starting the program. You will continue to follow our keto food plan until you reach your desired happy weight.

Excess fat provides an immediate calorie reserve to mediate your hunger during the early stages of the program, allowing the HCG to tap into your fat stores which can take up to 5 days.

Indulging on healthy fats will cause your liver enzymes to spike in turn this allows you to bypass “starvation mode” thus accelerating weight loss so you begin seeing results sooner.

Included in your program is how to work out your individual calories for the KETOX program, calorie cycling and which foods you can enjoy during the detox (phase 2) of the program. 

The KETOX program will show you the importance of real food, reducing inflammation, improvements in mental alertness and improved sleep.

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If you would like the KETOX booklet, simply choose your preferred package and put KETOX in the comments and we will include the booklet as no charge as well as our original DETOX26 program booklet. Orders over $99 include FREE POSTAGE within Australia.