Homeopathic HCG Drops

We are proudly Australia’s leading supplier of homeopathic hCG diet drops and patches. Our all natural hormone free homeopathic diet drops and the DETOX26 Fat Burning & Detox Program will have you melting those inches away without hard exercise. All our products are made from botanical extracts and bioactive nutrients (no hormones or stimulants) that will assist your body to lose up to 10 kilos in just 26 days. 

Scientifically researched and proven, our products are hormone, chemical and additive free which are created in Australia from organically sourced ingredients exclusively for DETOX26.

How It Works

The combination of our hormone-free fat burning and detox products contain a proprietary blend of powerful amino acids, herbal and plant extracts designed to release stored adipose body fat to use as energy, resulting in rapid and consistent weight loss and body reshaping without strenuous exercise. Our programs are a natural holistic approach to whole body wellness.

The products must only be used while following our 3 step DETOX26 26 Day Fat Burning & Detox program to ensure maximum results.

What is homeopathic HCG

Our Fat Burning Drops contain homeopathic bioenergetic frequencies meaning the homeopathic process dilutes any hormone many times over leaving only an imprint.  Our formulation has been found to mimic the characteristics of the “real hCG hormone”.

It is completely hormone free and enriched with organic amino acids, vitamins and plant minerals. Our homeopathic blend of Fat Burning drops are all natural, hormone free and chemical free.

Only prescription HCG contains the actual HCG hormone and must be prescribed by a medical practitioner. 



Simply purchase additional single add-on drops or patches at the checkout to extend your round past 26 days.


Made the traditional way, by a homeopathic doctor, our products are created and packaged in an sterile laboratory in Australia under strict supervision to the highest quality.

fast delivery with detox26


All orders are despatched same day using Australia Post using tracking so your programs will arrive within 2-3 business days. Worldwide shipping is also available.

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Be relaxed and comfortable in the fact that you are part of a support group that is passionate and committed to you achieving your weight loss goals.


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